Delivering a Body Check [Video]

Last week we covered the basics of receiving a body check properly – this week, we’ve reversed the roles and are covering how to properly deliver a body check along the wall.


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Key Teaching Points

  • Check only to separate the player from the puck
  • Stance
    • Feet just over shoulder width apart
    • Knees bent
    • Head up
    • Chest up
  • Execution
    • Drive through with your legs
    • Hands in front of your body
    • Keep your hands and elbows down
    • Aim for the front of the players shoulder and their hands – this allows you to gain body position on the opponent
    • Skate through your checks
  • Teaching
    • Practice, practice, practice – players are never too old for instruction on body contact
    • Watch for hands following through high and/or players leading with their hands
    • If you see mistakes in technique, address them immediately to avoid bad habits from forming

5 Replies to “Delivering a Body Check [Video]”

  1. Kevin,
    do you have any checking videos for D-men making the hit along the boards 1/1? The D-man would be at 1 o’clock, giving the attacking forward the feeling that he can escape by him down the boards, but the D-man angles him to the boards and makes the hit. I’d like to see the D-man be on the proper side though; right shot = right side D. Thanks.

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