Creative Ways to Divide the Ice

There’s no doubt, one of the easiest ways to keep our game affordable is to increase the number of skaters on the ice at any given time. The major governing bodies are pushing to get more kids on the ice simultaneously to make the most out of costly ice time. Below I’ve included some different ways of splitting up the ice I have found to be effective over the years. In my opinion, the key to deciding how to split your ice depends on the goals of your practice session and how many skaters you have on the ice.

Connecting & Communicating with Players

In order for a coach to be effective, he/she must be able to communicate effectively with his/her players. Coaches need to know who they’re coaching – not just names and faces, but also personalities, goals, and desires. When a coach begins to understand the “why’s” of his/her players, then the lines of clear and effective communication can begin.

10,000 Pucks – Final Results

The results are in for the 10,000 Pucks 2010 contest. In this year’s contest, we had 527 players logging shots from around the world. The total shot tally for this season was an impressive: 1,922,853. Not only did we surpass our goal of seeing 1 million shots logged, we almost broke the 2 million mark! Now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for….the player results.