Receiving a Body Check [Video]

This week’s video covers a hot-button topic in the game right now – body checking.  In this video, we cover key teaching points, technique examples, and practice drills.


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Key Teaching Points:

  • Stance
    • Feet just over shoulder width apart
    • Knees bent
    • Head Up
    • Chest Up
  • Absorbing Impact
    • Feet parallel to the boards
    • Absorb the impact with more than just your shoulder – hips, upper leg, forearm, and shoulder
    • Get next to the boards, don’t stay in the danger zone 2-5 feet from the boards
    • Shoulders need to stay square on impact to keep head away from wall
    • Head stays up
    • Protect the puck
    • Skate through the check
  • Teaching
    • Needs to be continual – not just at peewee level
    • Review
    • When you see errors – stop, address, correct

I hope you find this content helpful.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them below!

4 Replies to “Receiving a Body Check [Video]”

  1. FABULOUS! I really enjoyed this video clip, as well as all of your others. One thing I would have liked to see in this clip, since it’s 10 minutes long with instruction, is a group of players performing the drill as instructed, then the coach going around to make sure all the players are in proper position to receive the hit. It gives the viewing coach a much better perspective of how to instruct the drill on the ice.

    Otherwise, it was great!

    Oh, by the way, i’m not sure about your pink laces. LOL.

  2. Pink laces are in support of two mothers on our midget team – one is a breast cancer survivor, the other was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Our entire team wears them. 🙂

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