Wrist Shot [Video]

The wrist shot is the most fundamental shot in the game. ┬áIn this week’s video we cover the basic technique of the wrist shot.


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  • Technique
    • Blade flat on the ice
    • Puck on the heel of the blade
    • Hands shoulder width apart
    • Bring the puck behind your back foot – keeping the blade facing straight at the net
    • Transfer your weight to your back foot (load your weight up) – generate power from your lower body
    • Look to your target
    • Open your hips and point your front foot to the net
    • Push the puck straight forward, keeping it on the heel of the stick until it reaches your front foot
    • When the puck reaches your front foot, roll your wrists over until your blade is facing the ice
    • Finish your follow through by aiming your stick to where you’re shooting
  • Common Mistakes
    • Puck starting in the middle of the blade or on the toe
    • Not rolling the wrists completely over (stick blade not closed, facing the ice)
    • Front foot not facing the net
    • Head down when shooting
    • Improper (or no) weight transfer (trying to generate power from upper body instead of lower body)
    • Hands too close or too far apart
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  1. Great tips on all your videos. In my experience, one very common technical error on the wrist shot for younger players is they keep the top hand in their stomach, instead of in front of and away from their body. This causes the stick to travel in an arc rather than a straight line, thus affecting the accuracy of the shot.

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