Learn from the Pros – Week 7

As the final four teams inch closer to their goal of playing for the Stanley Cup, the intensity level of games continues to rise. This week in our Learn from the Pros segment, we’ll take a look at a goal from the Western Confrence finals between the Hawks and Sharks. The goal we’re looking at comes from Chicago’s Dustin Byfuglin (#33) on a nice setup from Patrick Kane (#88).

How to Watch a Professional Game

I think if most coaches went around their locker room and asked how many player watch NHL games, a good number of kids (generally speaking) would raise their hands. I would venture to guess if you asked who watches a game without texting their friends, updating Facebook, or Tweeting – the number of hands raised would be drastically decreased. Players (and coaches) who watch professional hockey have tons of opportunities to learn from the best in the game every time a game is televised.

Gap Control Basics

Gap control is one of the most important skills/concepts for defensemen to learn. Simply stated, a defenseman’s gap is the distance between the puck carrying forward and the defender. Making a play at the right time, and knowing how and when to make the commitment can be the difference between a defender making a great play or getting beat.