Backward Quick Starts [Video]

For our first video of 2011, we wanted to go over a topic we covered at one of our recent holiday camps – backward quick starts.  The backward quick start is an often overlooked skill essential for both defensemen and forwards.


Key Teaching Points:

  • Low, powerful stance
  • Don’t stand up when you cross over
  • Start perpendicular to the direction you want to go
  • Load the weight to your front leg and push powerfully, driving your toe into the ice (weight on the balls of your feet)
  • Generate power with your under-leg by pulling with the outside edge
  • Listen for two distinct pushes
  • Keep your head and chest up
  • Keep your stick in front of you

Stay tuned – tomorrow we’ll post a quick video outlining a couple practice drills for the backward quick start.

4 Replies to “Backward Quick Starts [Video]”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Happy New Year!

    Great video on showing the different points of view from the front and the side.

    Didn’t know about the shoulders and keeping the stick in front – I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    These little details is something I haven’t seen anyone else explain.


  2. Great video. I’ve always been amazed at how quickly good defensemen can generate speed going backwards. Now I know the technique. Can’t wait to practice it.

  3. Excellent video! I am starting to play D in my league now and I am struggling to get started backwards.

    This is exactly what I needed to know, thanks!

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