Hockey New Year Resolutions

The new year is a time commonly associated with new resolutions.  A new year brings a fresh mental start.  In the first HockeyShare Blog Post of 2011, I’d like to solicit interaction from the community and find out what your Hockey New Year Resolutions are!

To get the ball rolling, here are my top 3 Hockey New Year Resolutions:

  1. Always give my all whenever I’m on the ice with the kids – this one can be quite tiring and can occasionally require a bit of a caffeine boost, but it’s worth it!
  2. Keep myself in great physical shape to maximize my effectiveness on the ice – this helps tremendously with demonstrations and also shows the players I practice what I preach about fitness.
  3. Keep the game of hockey fun for the players – this doesn’t mean going soft in rule enforcement or not expecting top-performance from players, but rather looking for opportunities to think outside the box and keep things fresh and exciting for the players every time they hit the ice.  Example:  Jordan Staal loses a shootout, has to run to the top of the stadium in his gear:  Watch Video

So…what are your resolutions?  Leave them below in the comments section.

Happy New Year!

2 Replies to “Hockey New Year Resolutions”

  1. I’m making a big deal out of conditioning. I played my first season of hockey in 2010 and found out that it doesn’t matter if I possess all the hockey-smarts in the world if I’m too tired to think clearly while on the ice.

    I’m also going to work on skating better. My season ended with a severely broken leg. I need to strengthen my leg and my skills so I can prevent something like that from happening again.

    Keep up the good work and Happy 2011!

  2. Honestly my New Year’s Resolutions are the same as Scott P’s!

    I found out very quickly, after playing for a year, that you will plateau quickly if you don’t have the proper strength conditioning.

    I really want to get good at Backward quick starts and that takes ALOT of strength.

    So… time to hit the gym!

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