Strong Side Breakout Options – Video

To celebrate Black Friday, we wanted to give you some good content to digest (along with all the turkey) as well as provide you with some great holiday shopping deals (see below the video).  In this video, we cover breakout options for the strong-side wing.

Main Options:

  • Post-Up
  • Low Pivot
  • Corner Loop
Key Points:
  • Re-accelerate when receiving the pass
  • Learn to catch the pass on both forehand and backhand side
  • Survey your pressure & options before┬áreceiving the pass
  • Use the corner loop only when you have lots of time (typically on a power play breakout)

2 Replies to “Strong Side Breakout Options – Video”

  1. Kevin,
    Another awesome video. Any chance you post something for wingers digging the puck off the wall? My Bantam team really struggles with receiving the “pass” as it is wrapped around the boards and then being able to start a breakout. I know the easy solution is to get the D to put the pass on the stick more often, but in reality they still need a lot of help with the basics of getting it off the wall, protecting the puck and deciding what to do next.

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