Learn from the Pros – Week 2

This week’s Learn from the Pros video clip features a goal from Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin from brother Henrik Sedin on April 15th vs. the LA Kings.


[0:02] The play begins by Daniel Sedin (#22) carrying the puck out of the zone on the far wall with King’s forward Justin Williams (#14) defending.  Sedin realizes he is going to be angled off, so he escapes and buys time with the puck, moving it to his brother Henrik Sedin (#33) in the middle of the ice. This simple escape move has changed the rush for the Canucks from a 1 on 3 rush to a 3 on 3 rush.

[0:03] This is where the entire play is made.  Daniel Sedin (#22) keeps his feed moving after he has passed the puck.  Williams then turns back and fails to finish his check, leaving him one-step behind Daniel Sedin in a foot-race up ice.

[0:05] Henrik Sedin looks up and exploits the large gap given by the Kings defensemen by first moving inside the attacking zone, then creates a bigger gap (as big as the “Stanley Cup Playoffs” logo in the ice!) by bringing the puck back out away from the defenders. This allows Daniel Sedin to get involved with the play now that he has beat Williams back up ice.

[0:06] Henrik Sedin quickly slows up and lays a beautiful pass out to his brother Daniel in prime scoring area.  It should be noted that the Kings weakside defenseman (#6 – Sean O’Donnell) is in relatively good position covering Vancouver’s weak-side forward (#14 – Alex Burrows), however Vancouver has turned this rush into a 4 on 3 with a trailer jumping in on the play – this gives Vancouver lots of options and is very difficult to defend with Daniel Sedin having gotten in front of Justin Williams.

[0:08] Instead of simply shooting the puck, Daniel Sedin changes the puck location to the inside, forcing Kings goalie (#32 – Jonathan Quick) to shift his weight and square-up to the puck.  Sedin finishes with an amazing backhander top-shelf high glove-side. There is a great replay at the [0:54] mark as well.

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