Simple Penalty Kill Forecheck

Killing off a penalty can be one of the most critical turning points of a game. Your team finally ices the puck, and you get a fresh set of legs on the ice to go pressure the opposing team while they’re setting up their breakout….now what? If you’re dealing with older players, it is important your players know their responsibilities and the lanes they’re defending.

Tryout Overview [Part 2]

So, now you have taken the time to properly plan out your tryout sessions, and now find yourself with an evaluation sheet in hand. Many coaches get overwhelmed during this process – after all, there is a lot to watch. Assuming you’re breaking your tryout into three distinct drill categories – skill, competitive, scrimmage – we will take a look at what skills and subtleties to watch for in each of these three areas.

Learn from the Pros – Week 1

I’ve decided to start a new weekly section called “Learn from the Pros” which will feature plays from professional hockey. The idea is to take small pieces of the game and break them down so they can be used as learning tools for coaches and players. This week, we’ll look at two goals – the first from Andrew Ladd against the St. Louis Blues, and the second from Justin Williams against the Anaheim Ducks.