Hockey Rink Diagrams & Practice Plan Templates

As a hockey coach, one of the best things you can do to improve your practices is to have a proper game plan in place before you set foot on the ice. ┬áThis also includes bringing your assistant coaches up to speed on the drills and techniques you will be focusing on during the session. By properly planning, you greatly increase the chances of running a “successful” practice. ┬áHaving everyone (entire coaching staff) on the ice working toward a common vision and knowing exactly what emphasis points there are for drills helps eliminate mixed messages to the players and makes your coaching staff look much more professional.

Hockey Practice / Drill Planning Templates

Hockey Practice Plan Template (This is the one I use daily for practice)

Hockey Practice Plan Template (3 Drills)

Single Hockey Drill Diagram Template

Hockey Rink Diagrams:

Full Hockey Rink Diagram (Horizontal)

Full Hockey Rink Diagram (Vertical)

Half-Rink Diagram (Left)

Half-Rink Diagram (Right)

Half-Rink Diagram (Top)

Half-Rink Diagram (Bottom)

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