Hockey Cycling Drills & Defensive Tactics

The concept behind HockeyShare is to share and exchange hockey information for the betterment of everyone involved.  I was lucky when Robert Potvin from Chambly, Que, Canada emailed me a couple weeks ago and sent me some great documents on cycling and defensive tactical play.  These documents he put together are very well written and give a great overview of how to introduce these topics with your team.  He even included several ready-to-run drills with the explanations.  We’ve provided our viewers an English and French version to download and read in PDF format.  Special thanks to Gilles Plante for translating the French document to English!

Hockey Cycling Drills & Explanation (English)
Hockey Cycling Drills & Explanation (French)

Defensive & Backchecking Tactical Play (English)
Defensive & Backchecking Tactical Play (French)

Please let us know if you find these documents helpful by leaving a comment!

7 Replies to “Hockey Cycling Drills & Defensive Tactics”

  1. Thanks for these. As luck would have it I was looking for drills for back checking and these came, an early Chrsitmas present I guess. Thanks for all of your work and for sharing them.

  2. Hi there. I coach an Atom “C” team in Juan de Fuca and have using your drills. I have had to modify some for the diverse skill levels the team has but for the most part your drills are excellent. Even you drills designed for older players such as Midgets I have simplified and applied in smaller segments teaching them the drills in a few steps. The kids are very excited learning new drills and now this cycling one I can hardly wait to skate the team through it. Thanks again for your very valuable resources. Very much appreciated. So far this season we have played 7 league games and have won all 7 and I truly believe it has a lot to do with your ideas for drills you share.

  3. All drills will assist in the development of players. Cycling can be extremely productive in hockey. Under utilzed tactic in hockey. Get your players to buy in to cycling and your offense will improve.

  4. excellent , even though you have to be smart and a very good skater to do this you have know how to do it and when to do it , the only thing I tell my players is take the last player on the cycle as soon as he recieves puck and pin them

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