Stickhandling 101 – Video

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to put together a video covering the fundamentals of stickhandling.  In this week’s video, we cover the fundamental techniques, basic practice points, and on/off-ice drills to improve your stickhandling.


Fundamentals of Stickhandling:

  • Start in good hockey position: knees bent, chest & head up
  • Hands just under shoulder width apart
  • Stick blade flat on the ice
  • Hands in front of the body
  • Control the puck in the middle of the blade
  • Cup the puck
  • Top hand controls the blade rotation, bottom hand guides the stick

As always, if you enjoy the video or have any questions – please leave a comment below!

5 Replies to “Stickhandling 101 – Video”

  1. Now thats what Im talking about.This kind of stuff is gold.When you make videos about stick handling,then show us coaches a simple drill about what do just covered is great.

    Ausome stuff Kevin

  2. Kevin, this is great. Realize you have a lot of more complicated stuff on the site, but for some of us just getting rolling, seeing things like this to benefit our players is a big help.

  3. Great stuff Kevin!

    The information on why you should keep the hands in front of the body instead of the side as well as the width on holding the stick is something I never paid attention to.

    Thanks for the tips

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