Receiving a Breakout Pass [Video]

Games can be won or lost on the half-wall.  The ability to receive a breakout pass and choose the proper option can be the difference between an offensive attack and the puck being in the back of your own net.  In this week’s video, we cover the four basic options when receiving a breakout pass.


4 Replies to “Receiving a Breakout Pass [Video]”

  1. great vid
    can you add on to this vid some tips for a right handed shooter playing on the left wing?
    I see kids have trouble with this all the time.

  2. I teach all of those but in todays Hockey I also teach the back to D man with the stick up against the board. This is a more dangerous and advanced way but can be quicker if you have a team that pinches with aggressive pinching. The player needs to be wary of the pressure and have a solid stance ready for a hit. One of the things I have noticed is you can get more hit from behind penalties with this variation. This is not a technique I would teach to any player under the Bantam A age and skill level. Bantam AA, AAA is where I would start. It bascially skips the one step that Kevin shows for of the glass forhand.

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