Pepper Net Drive Video

This week our featured drill in conjunction with M2 Hockey is the Pepper Drive.  This is a great drill to work on driving the net, quick shot releases, playing rebounds, and positioning in front of the net.


Click on the diagram to view the drill page with full drill description:

Pepper Drive - Hockey Drill Diagram

6 Replies to “Pepper Net Drive Video”

  1. Many thanks for the great videos. Plus it’s free wow! I like the way you explain the drills. It’s easy yet very effective. Great work and keep it up.


  2. Yep – you’d obviously want to have a goalie when you’re running it live 🙂 ….this footage was for instructional purposes to explain the drill.

  3. Look like a good drill. My team needs to work on quick releases and driving to the net and my goalie needs to work on not giving up juicy rebounds. I am going to give this a shot next practice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think its a decent drill that can be run from all 4 corners of the ice almost simultaneously. The concept of ” 1 High, 1 Low, 1 Fast, 1 Slow” can be added to increase chances of getting a stick on any rebound.

  5. Great drill. As a coach I find it best if players do the seimplier drills at 1oo% rather than waste valuable ice time getting confused, bored and completiting complex drills at a much lower % rate.
    As always another excellent drl for all to practice and master at speed.

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