Taking a Lesson from the Capitals

If you’re a Washington Capitals fan, the last couple days have probably been pretty tough to handle after their first-round exit from the playoffs after being up three games to one in the series. While surfing through the latest hockey headlines online, I came across a question from Dave Hodge on TSN.ca titled Does the Caps’ Loss Make Mockery of Regular Season. The question is an interesting one – one which I’m sure will stir up some debate and emotional responses (especially from the Caps’ fans).

Tryout Overview [Part 2]

So, now you have taken the time to properly plan out your tryout sessions, and now find yourself with an evaluation sheet in hand. Many coaches get overwhelmed during this process – after all, there is a lot to watch. Assuming you’re breaking your tryout into three distinct drill categories – skill, competitive, scrimmage – we will take a look at what skills and subtleties to watch for in each of these three areas.

How to Approach Off-Season Training

Often when the season wraps up, I’ll get asked the question: “Coach, what do I need to work on in the off-season?” I usually respond to this by reversing the question and asking them what they think they need to work on. When they look at me with a blank stare, I usually try to guide them through a series of questions to help evaluate their play and identify “holes” in their game – and of course share my feedback with them after they’ve started to identify things for themselves. The off-season provides a great opportunity for committed players to develop and improve their fundamental skills. I believe players need to approach off-season training in the following sequence…

Expanding Our Game – Everyone’s Responsibility

The game of hockey is arguably the best sport on the face of the earth and teaches many life lessons which prove to be invaluable to children as they get older. In order for our sport to continue to grow and take strides in a positive direction, each of us must take some responsibility and “step up” to help expand our game.