6 Neutral Zone Regroup Drills

The neutral zone is often an over-looked zone by many hockey coaches.  It’s easy to focus on scoring goals or improving team defense.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite drills to work on neutral zone regrouping.  Hopefully some of you find the drills useful.

As always, modify the drills to suit the age/talent level you’re working with.  Be sure players understand the fundamentals of your regroup system so you can have them execute the drills using your system.

If you have modifications or other neutral zone regroup drills you’d like to share – email them over to me at kevin [at] hockeyshare [dot] com

Download Neutral Zone Regroup Drills PDF

2 Replies to “6 Neutral Zone Regroup Drills”

  1. Some nice stuff I think I will dedicate a practice using this plan. I am a little confused on the stationary regroup

  2. Stationary regroup dril….Defensemen stay stationary – they try to pass it to their set of forwards (this forces the forwards to get open for a pass). Once they make a successful pass, those forwards who just got the puck give the puck to the other D, and try to cover the opposing forwards.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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