Drawing a Drill with HockeyShare’s Online Drill Diagrammer

I’ve had quite a few people as me for a demo video to show just how easy it is to draw a drill using the HockeyShare Online Drill Diagramming platform. Since a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words, I put one together showing how you can draw a drill in just a minute or two and then have access to it any time.

10,000 Pucks – Final Results

The results are in for the 10,000 Pucks 2010 contest. In this year’s contest, we had 527 players logging shots from around the world. The total shot tally for this season was an impressive: 1,922,853. Not only did we surpass our goal of seeing 1 million shots logged, we almost broke the 2 million mark! Now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for….the player results.

New HockeyShare Look Launching…

Over the next few days we will be rolling out a major update to the website. The look will be changed a bit, some new functionality will be added, areas will be cleaned up, and the forums will be updated. This is not a minor site update, so please be patient with us as we implement the changes. During this time, you may experience temporary outages. We will be working to restore all functionality and access as quickly as possible. The updates are expected to start this evening and finished by Thursday evening.