Summer Training: Skill Drill #6 (Video)

The final skill development video in this series focuses on defensemen handling the puck at the point and driving to the middle.  The drill is very simple, but the techniques used to control the puck are crucial for them in game situations.


View drill or use in your practice plans:

2 Replies to “Summer Training: Skill Drill #6 (Video)”

  1. Great Drill. I have used before. I really do not like the way the player turns away from the play after the shots. Could be just me but I would think face the puck/play as much as possible. On the other hand maybe you have a reason for it as my speakers were not working very good on the sound side of it. Just my crappy speakers nothing wrong with the video.

  2. used to do this on private lesson for an hour and half sometimes. I told the kid if you want to score or get someone in front a chance to score you had to be really fast because if you lose the puck unless the other defensemen pays attention and the high forward its going to be a clean breakaway if you lose the puck, also if you cant hold the puck you have to know when to release and take the body or get back.

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