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In this week’s video, we take a look at one of my favorite skating drills – The Star Drill.  The Star Drill is a great, quick exercise to work on lateral mobility, stops & starts, and foot speed.  It also has the benefit of being a great conditioning drill.


Some key points to keep in mind while running this drill:

  • Make sure the player keeps his/her hips and shoulders facing up ice, don’t let them turn into the crossovers
  • Force older players to push themselves to execute the drill with fewer steps – stronger skaters should be able to cover the ground from the middle to the edge of the circle in 2/3 steps
  • Ensure they’re getting powerful starts off each stop
  • Keep the head up

View Star Drill Page on for Diagram & More Info

4 Replies to “Star Drill – Video”

  1. Great drill Kevin.
    When we have the kids do this drill we add a second phase. When the player completes the iron cross phase he skates forward around the outside of circle to the top, pivots, skates backwards around the other side of the circle to the bottom and stops. He then repeats forwards, pivot, backwards the opposite way. When first player completes the iron cross and begins the outside the circle phase, the second player begins the iron cross. With very young players this may be too much.
    Thanks again for your willingness to share the great drills.

  2. This is a favorite of my coach. I am an older guy (Adult) and it is very tiring, though. We are always being coached to perform this drill at game speed.

    One twist is to have a player at the bottom of the circle make a pass to the skater every time he stops. When the skater comes to a stop he calls for the puck. He then returns the pass and skates to the next position. It’s important that the passer wait until the skater calls for the puck before passing.

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