Slap Shot [Video]

This week we expand on our last video, which covered wrist shots and move into the slap shot. The slap shot is one of the most exciting shots in hockey – but there’s a lot going on in the actual technique to make it effective. ┬áThis video covers the basic technique and instruction points for teaching the slap shot.


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  • Technique Key Points
    • Low Stance (Power is generated from lower body)
    • Puck near the middle of your stance
    • Wind-up straight back – don’t twist behind your body
    • Limit your wind-up to just above shoulder height
    • Transfer your weight from your back leg to your front
    • Look to your target
    • Open your hips and point your front skate to the net
    • Make contact with the ice 2-3″ before the puck to flex your stick
    • Follow through with your stick pointing to the net

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