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  1. Hey Kevin ,

    I just want you to know that we are going slowly based on your videos for my son to skate well for hockey. The instruction is perfect and right to the point. We are taking the Mr. Miagi approach to hockey? Karate kid. Skating first and then learn the game. Right or wrong that is what we are doing? Your videos are better than an actual in person teacher because we can replay what you do right away and learn without the hourly cost. If you do a summer camp let us know? We are currently signed up for Notre dame’s summer camp in South Bend?

  2. Great drill.

    How would you relate the benefits of the last components of the drill in a skate/game situation, or is it merely to ensure quick feet movement and transition?

    1. Hi Hendrik,

      Mostly for quick feet and transition, however with footwork drills such as this, you’d be amazed how many times those scenarios actually happen with your feet after you take contact and are trying to maintain your footing. It all essentially boils down to edge control in awkward situations – which is extremely helpful in game situations with contact. Hope this helps!


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