Quick Shooting Release – Video

This week’s video covers the technique and practice tips for releasing a shot off of one quick cross-body lateral move.


Teaching points:

  • Eliminate additional stick handles
  • Transfer your weight to shooting side
  • Knee bend to generate more power
Want to see this move in action?  Check out the 2nd goal by Datsyuk in the video below: 
…And Henrik Zetterberg’s goal against Anaheim:

One Reply to “Quick Shooting Release – Video”

  1. That quick shot and the snap shot in fairly close sometimes really freezes/stymies a goalie. I have been asked many time why do shooters continually hit the goalie more than not instead of the open areas to the net around the goalie? well what I view is that shooters for the most part do not look in the direction until the puck is either leaving the blade toe or maybe the split second prior which is too late, one simply cannot hit what one cannot see, which hopefully is an opening around the goalie.there is no way shooters can successfully hit any open areas with just a quick look towards the cage area due to the fact that when one’s eyes change directions from one area,or spot to another as in shooter to cage the eyes will automatically pick up the largest object confronting them which usually is the goalie or sometimes a larger object even behind or beside the goalie, so consequently in order to adjust one must site in on the target early enough to refocus from the goalie to find open net, also shooters have a terrible habit of not using their good shooting angles and therefore most of the time cannot even see the cage when they shoot, which I call shoot,n,hope for two things either a rebound or by chance a lucky score, like poke,n,hope during one on ones,by then it is passing time.
    Nuff Said.
    Don Ervin
    [email protected]

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