New HockeyShare Look Launching…

Over the next few days we will be rolling out a major update to the website.  The look will be changed a bit, some new functionality will be added, areas will be cleaned up, and the forums will be updated.  This is not a minor site update, so please be patient with us as we implement the changes.  During this time, you may experience temporary outages.  We will be working to restore all functionality and access as quickly as possible.  The updates are expected to start this evening and finished by Thursday evening.

We appreciate your patience while we keep trying to improve the site!

Update: Good news – we’re expecting to have Facebook Connect up and running shortly! This will allow you to log in (and register) to HockeyShare with your Facebook username/password! Your username/password will not be ever be visible to HockeyShare.  FB Connect works by using a Facebook page to authenticate users, then returns the status securely to the HockeyShare servers.

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