Learn from the Pros – Week 5

Playoff hockey this year has certainly delivered excitement as expected.  One series not short on rivalry is the Boston vs. Philly match-up.  In this week’s Learn from the Pros posting, we’ll take a look at a Boston goal scored off a blocked shot and a big hit.


[0:07] The entire play begins here. Flyers’ #18 Mike Richards has control of the puck off a delay entering the zone.  In this freeze frame, the Boston defense has every responsibility covered.  #33 Zdeno Chara is between Richards and the net and blocking his shooting lane (and at 6′ 9″ tall, he does a good job of taking up space).  Richards has his head up, and is looking to move the puck to #19 Scott Hartnell entering the zone as the trailer, however Boston’s #46 David Krejci is taking away the pass option with a good backcheck.

[0:10] Chara blocks the shot and hustles to regain control of the puck.

[0:12] Chara makes a pass to the middle of the ice to Krejci, but Richards was already stepping up.  Richards lays a heavy hit on Krejci.

[0:15] The big hit forced Flyers’ #13 Daniel Carcillo to jump and avoid the wreckage, pushing Carcillo wider than he would have most likely wanted to be.  This opens up a lane for Boston #81 Miroslav Satan to have space down the middle of the ice.

[0:16] Boston’s #17Milan Lucic picks up the puck an delays as he enters the zone, catching Flyer defenseman Chris Pronger (#20) cheating puck-side.  Lucic with his head up finds Satan streaking down the middle and makes a great pass just out of the reach of the outstretched Pronger.

[0:18] Satan makes a very quick forehand fake to backhand move freezing Flyer goalie #33 Brian Boucher.  A great slow-motion replay of this move can be found at the [0:42] mark.  The hand pump from Satan causes Boucher to flinch, then he uses his reach to pull the puck backhand around Boucher.

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