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John C. Maxwell is one of the most well-known authorities on leadership teachings. While surfing for videos, I came across a brief interview he did about one of his books titled: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

In the interview, John discusses two important principles: the law of addition (servanthood) and the law of the picture (people do what they see).  Both these concepts have a direct importance to the roll of youth hockey coach.  If you’re not coaching to serve the youth you have the opportunity to work with, you’re doing everyone a disservice.  If you don’t have a genuine interest to serve at heart, coaching is a tough road.

The law of the picture is crucial – people do what people see.  This is especially true when you’re working with kids.  They’re extremely impressionable, be sure you’re setting the right example.  It will not only help you mold the youth, it will also help you gain credibility as a coach.


If the book is of interest to you, here’s a link to purchase it.  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

Note: This is an affiliate link, so if you do purchase the book from this link, I will get a small percentage back.  As always, it is not the primary reason I posted this resource.  I am an avid fan of John C. Maxwell’s work and have read, watched, and listened to several of his programs (see the screenshot from my iTunes library below).  I simply hope this is a valuable resource for you!

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