High-Quality Year-End Meetings

Several months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Eric Hoffberg.  Eric trains many elite-level (pro, college, junior, etc) hockey athletes and a lot of corporate clients in the art of mental toughness.  Through many conversations, Eric and I quickly realized how much we had in common in terms of our views on not only the game but also on mental training, and began immediately working on creating content together.  We are excited to announce a June 2014 launch of our first product together titled: A Different Approach.  The program is all about how to build and plan your season with intention, and we know it will give you some great ideas and thinking points.

In the meantime, we both wanted to offer some thoughts and provide a resource for coaches to begin thinking differently about their team right away.  Given the timing, we felt like a quick one-page download focused on year-end meetings would be relevant.  The year-end meeting can pave the path to success for the next year and when used effectively can encourage athletes to invest time in their development during the off-season.  Below is a link to a free PDF download of some key ideas on how to hold high-quality year-end meetings. We hope you find the content useful and valuable:

Download the FREE PDF on Holding High-Quality Year-End Meetings

A Different Approach

Stay tuned to www.hockeyshare.com for the latest on A Different Approach. For more on Eric Hoffberg, you can visit his site at www.erichoffberg.com or follow him on Twitter @erichoffberg