Forehand Passing & Receiving 101 (Video)

This week’s video discusses the basics of passing and receiving on the forehand.

Passing Key Teaching Points

  • With beginners, start with feetĀ perpendicular to the target
  • Puck on the middle of the blade
  • Bring puck behind the back foot, slightly cupping the puck
  • Head up, look at your target
  • Push the puck forward in a straight line, transferring weight from the back leg to the front leg
  • Open your hips as you transfer the weight
  • Point your stick directly at the target on your follow through
  • Follow through low to the ice
Receiving Key Teaching Points
  • Start with blade flat on the ice and not angled
  • Blade should be parallel to the passing stick for optimal control
  • Blade should start about 6″ inside your front foot if feet are perpendicular to passer
  • Catch the puck in the middle of your stick blade
  • Absorb the impact of the puck by having a slight give (only a few inches) to the stick
  • Avoid un-necessary stickhandles before moving the puck again

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