Defensemen “Hinge” Play – Video

The defensive “hinge” play is a technique used to open up the weak-side of the ice.  In order for a hinge play to work properly, the defensive partner must provide good support to the puck carrier.  In this week’s video, we discuss the keys to proper defensive support and how to execute the “hinge” play.

Here’s an example from the NHL:

2 Replies to “Defensemen “Hinge” Play – Video”

  1. From my personal stand point hinging in minor hockey is a joke. As i have had i coach who knows nothing about hockey this was not successful, so for any coaches out there i would not hing because you need quick and strong skating deference man and at the minor hockey level it’s rare to find these aspects.

  2. I tend to agree with hockey guy. Hinging is a good concept for players with good fundamentals, but is the defencemen are weak it just leads to turnovers and slow and ineffective breakouts.

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