Coaching to Develop Players

Minnesota Hockey puts out a great newsletter every month with lots of great resources.  In the most recent article, they put out a brief article on Coaching to Develop Players, and the importance of stressing fundamentals.  I wanted to share the link with everyone:

Minnesota Hockey’s “Coaching to Develop Players” (PDF)

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  1. Article makes sense. I even as a Female Midget coach from last season did close to what they were Stating. Work on skating (lots of edge drills) and I like to have pucks in 95% of my drills. My drills I try to keep the standing around to a minimum.

    In Lethbridge we start with the young players in TimBits and they do not call offsides. It has not cause any problems when they do get to the league that does as the coaches for the most part can teach it early in the season with a skating drills.

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