Coaching Leadership Self-Awareness Questions

Eric Hoffberg (“Hoff”) is a brilliant mind when it comes to leadership and mental toughness.  He spends his days training professional athletes and coaches as well as top corporate executives – but one of his true passions is hockey. Hoff recently shared a great document for coaches focused around raising self-awareness around the leadership and attitude.  Every coach who is serious about creating a winning culture should give this document a serious look.

Download Hoff’s Self-Awareness Questions (PDF)

A little background on “Hoff”:

Eric Hoffberg spent 16 years coaching hockey, college, then pro. Originally from Rochester NY, Hoffberg was the head coach at RIT all through the 90’s. Today, Hoffberg works as both a Corporate Coach for leaders and executives across the country that are looking to build High Performance Cultures and as a Mental Toughness Trainer for athletes that are looking for a greater understanding of how to focus under pressure. He is the author of two great books (Think Strong Reminders and Think Strong for Athletes) for training attitude and mindset. Learn more about Hoff at