Circle Pass Pivot Drill – Video

The Circle Pass Pivot Drill is along the same lines as  the Figure 8 Passing Drill in terms of skill focus.  It’s a great drill to develop individual skill in agility, body control, passing/receiving, and controlling the puck at awkward body angles.

This video was originally only sent to those members who filled out our HockeyShare Improvement survey, but we decided it was best to share this one with the entire community.


Key Teaching Points:

  • Keep your hands in front of your body and stick on the ice
  • Give the passer a clear target at all times
  • Always be prepared to receive a pass
  • Avoid stickhandling the puck whenever possible
    • Quick one-touch passes (not slapping at it) are most often a better choice than holding the puck for an extended period of time
  • Keep your body in control
  • Keep your head up, making eye contact with the passer (non-verbal communication)
  • Be sure to practice this drill in both directions

Happy Thanksgiving to our US viewers!

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