M2 Hockey – Beginner Station Training Manual

HockeyShare & M2 Hockey are excited to offer you the free download of M2 Hockey’s Beginner Station Manual. The manual is aimed at running effective practices for beginning level skaters. The entire program utilizes stations to maximize the involvement of each player on the ice. It is designed to be a 10-week program, and comes complete with drill diagrams and explanations.

Over-speed Training & Drills

Over-speed training simply means pushing yourself beyond a speed where you are “comfortable.” Going through the motions at a comfortable pace won’t help you progress as a skater. Many of the coaches I talk to seem a bit overwhelmed by the subject of over-speed training, thinking it is a grandiose topic that’s over their heads. While there are great depths you can take the topic, you can begin to incorporate over-speed training into your practices with just a good grasp on the fundamentals of skating.