Agility Ladder Drills for On-Ice Quickness

We put together a new video featuring three of our favorite off-ice agility ladder drills to help players develop their quickness and foot speed.


Coaching Key Points:

  1. Knees Bent to Absorb Impact
  2. Soft Landings
  3. Weight on the Ball of the Foot
  4. Push Beyond Your “Comfort Zone” of Speed, but Maintain Proper Technique
  5. Practice Each Drill in Both Directions
  6. Practice Each Drill Forward & Backward
  7. Add a Short Sprint at the End of Each Drill to Increase Challenge

3 Replies to “Agility Ladder Drills for On-Ice Quickness”

  1. Thanks Kevin for all the information you are sharing with us on your website.I will use the agility ladder drills at our next dryland practice.

  2. Thanks for this video my trainer just showed me how to use the speed ladder and I hope it will elevate my Mens Rec League Hockey game …

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