5 Tryout Tips for Players (Part 1 of 3)

During the tryout times, I get a lot of players who ask me about the tryout process.  Over the past year or so, I’ve written several pieces about tryouts (just search this blog for “tryouts”), but I wanted to give players (hopefully some of my own trying out as well) a couple quick tips for entering tryouts.

  1. Make aggressive mistakes – every player will make mistakes on the ice, but don’t be afraid to make them! If you’re going to make a mistake, be overly aggressive instead of passive.  Passive players can be invisible to coaches during tryouts.
  2. Don’t act like you’re already on the team – just because you were on a team last year, don’t assume your spot is locked in when you’re going through tryouts…..even if it is!  There are few things more frustrating than watching a skater who’s playing like he/she has it made.
  3. Be prepared when you walk through the door – Come in to tryouts in shape – they’re not a good time to look sluggish!  If two players are equal in talent (and coachability), but I know one has been working hard all off-season, I’ll take the hard-worker every time.
  4. Have your water ready – for some strange reason, coaches don’t seem to enjoy filling water bottles.  Have one of your own with you when you come in, or buy one at the concession stand just in case.  It is also much more sanitary for everyone to have their own.
  5. Don’t quit – so what if a first-year player makes a bad pass to you.  Don’t quit and make a scene by slamming your stick on the ice or yelling at the player.  That shows a coach zero character – instead: stop, get the puck, and finish the drill hard.

If you’re looking for more thoughts on tryouts, see my post from last September titled My Thoughts on Tryouts.

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